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Technical mosaic Sicis Colibri in Svizzera

Posted by admin February - 26 - 2017 0 Comment

Mosaic Sicis Colibri 

Reflexes, glows, colours, iridescence. That’s the Colibrì collection. That’s Sicis enhancing its kaleidoscopic ability to surprise and give modern architecture and living a new look. Luxury, elegance, style: three words summing up the uniqueness of a collection for those wanting for themselves what others can only dream of. Learned quotations, the ability to dip into history and become its modern interpreter. That’s how the Artistic line of the Colibrì collection comes across; a further way for Sicis to prove its creative ability and technical mastery. Here the mosaic is rigorously “ by design” aimed specifically at proposing “art” over expertise. Thus, the Sicis spirit remains faithful to that universal principal where searching for what is “ beautiful” is the maximum point of tension. Achieved through its choice of precious materials (stone, marble and special inserts) through creation of unique decorations with an antique, timeless “taste”; through its productive and technological ability and skilled installation. With perfect results. But what really surprises you is its versatility. Whatever the proposal be, from classical to modern, Sicis fears no competition, proving to be in the forefront in any sector it chooses.


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