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We’ve been providing the market with dedicated craftsmanship and constant technical research in the installation of traditional and mosaic art surfaces since 1995. We’re dedicated to perfecting and developing the technical aspects of mosaic tiling in all areas of our activity. We benefit from the experience gained in more than 300 completed projects in which mosaic surfaces have been created with painstaking attention to detail and the utmost precision. Every composition is subjected to a careful process of analysis and detailed preparation in relation to the materials and finishes. We provide free consultancy for the preparation, marking out, and laying stages of the process. We create bespoke decorations and water barriers. We operate nationwide in Italy and throughout Europe.


Mosaics Trend Liberty Via Cusani, 1 20121 Milan in the Brera district, the heart of the artistic tradition in Milan, Claudio is the fish store of Milan since 1958. To furnish the local mosaic Trend mosaics Liberty was chosen. The installation was carried out by Atzori mosaics. Liberty Collection custom color. Photo mosaics Trend Liberty  

Trend mosaics and Lago project Milan

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TREND MOSAICI 2X2 Trend mosaics

Apartment Lago Jamaica Bar Milan and Trend mosaics Trend mosaics in the heart of Brera, a space to promote creativity and innovation. On the occasion of Fuori Salone 2011, Atzori mosaics performs the laying mosaic Trend apartment at Lake and the Jamaica bar on Via Brera, Milan. Used materials: Mosaic Trend  Feel 2112 , Feel 2104 , Liberty white , Liberty blue ; glue H40 Tenaflex Kerakoll ; epoxy filler Kerakoll. Photo  [ Read More ]

MOSAICO BISAZZA Bisazza mosaic

BISAZZA MOSAIC MALPENSA AIRPORT AREA FERRARI BUBBLES Year 2014 Used products: – Mosaic Bisazza 10 x 10  personalized and artistic nuance (vtr 10.10, oro 10.302 bis, oro 10.301 bis, oro 10.304 bis,oro 10.306 bis) ; – mosaic Bisazza opus romano miscela Cora posed to trend (in strips ); – epoxy  installation Kit Bisazza (E glue, Fillgel plus colore 3305 lead gray and Fillgel plus color 1101 white alabastro ) . Photo  [ Read More ]


Mosaic Sicis Colibri  Reflexes, glows, colours, iridescence. That’s the Colibrì collection. That’s Sicis enhancing its kaleidoscopic ability to surprise and give modern architecture and living a new look. Luxury, elegance, style: three words summing up the uniqueness of a collection for those wanting for themselves what others can only dream of. Learned quotations, the ability to dip into history and become its modern interpreter. That’s how the Artistic line of  [ Read More ]

Sfumatura Bisazza Narciso deluxe bathroom

Deluxe bathroom Gradient Bisazza Narciso Technical specifications: Size: 32×32 Proper Size: 32,2×32,2×0,4 Variety: mosaic of colored glass paste installation kit included Series: shades Color: silver Packaging: 0.83 m² per module   The products used are: – Gradient Bisazza Narciso posed trending ( strips); – installation Kit Uvr Bisazza (glue Adhoc e Fillgel plus color 1101  white alabaster ) . Photo Deluxe bathroom Bisazza   Stoccolma  

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